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Abadi Fitsum, Barbraud Christophe, Gimenez Olivier Integrated population modeling reveals the impact of climate on the survival of juvenile emperor penguins 2017 Global change biology 109 Journal 23 1353-1359
Investigating snowpack volumes and icing dynamics in the moraine of an Arctic catchment using UAV photogrammetry 2017 The Photogrammetric Record 1108,1111 Book Chapter 32 497-512
Carravieri Alice, Weimerskirch Henri, Bustamante Paco, Cherel Yves Progressive ontogenetic niche shift over the prolonged immaturity period of wandering albatrosses 2017 Royal Society Open Science 109 Journal 4 171039
Understanding processes at the origin of species flocks with a focus on the marine Antarctic fauna 2017 Biological Reviews 1044 Journal 93 481-504
Collet Julien, Patrick Samantha C., Weimerskirch Henri Behavioral responses to encounter of fishing boats in wandering albatrosses 2017 Ecology and evolution 109 Journal 7 3335-3347
Fathers matter: male body mass affects life-history traits in a size-dimorphic seabird 2017 Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 109 Journal 284 20170397
Cox Sam L., Orgeret Florian, Gesta Mathieu, Rodde Charles, Heizer Isaac, Weimerskirch Henri, Guinet Christophe, O'Hara Robert B. Processing of acceleration and dive data on?board satellite relay tags to investigate diving and foraging behaviour in free?ranging marine predators 2017 Methods in Ecology and Evolution 109 Journal 9 64-77
Creasy Neala, Long Maureen D., Ford Heather A. Deformation in the lowermost mantle beneath Australia from observations and models of seismic anisotropy 2017 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 133 Journal 122 5243-5267
Evolutionary changes in symbiont community structure in ticks 2017 Molecular Ecology 333 Journal 26 2905-2921
From early life to senescence: individual heterogeneity in a long?lived seabird 2017 Ecological Monographs 109 Journal 88 60-73