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Contrasting effects of climate and population density over time and life stages in a long?lived seabird 2017 Functional Ecology 109 Journal 31 1275-1284
Interpreting ELISA analyses from wild animal samples: Some recurrent issues and solutions 2017 Functional Ecology 333,1151 Book Chapter 31 2255-2262
Grissac Sophie, Bartumeus Frederic, Cox Sam L., Weimerskirch Henri Early?life foraging: Behavioral responses of newly fledged albatrosses to environmental conditions 2017 Ecology and Evolution 109 Journal 7 6766-6778
Hollingsworth James, Ye Lingling, Avouac Jean?Philippe Dynamically triggered slip on a splay fault in the Mw 7.8, 2016 Kaikoura (New Zealand) earthquake 2017 Geophysical Research Letters 133 Journal 44 3517-3525
Hubert G., Pazianotto M. T., Federico C. A. Modeling of ground albedo neutrons to investigate seasonal cosmic ray?induced neutron variations measured at high?altitude stations 2017 Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 1112 Journal 121 12,186-12,201
Jeanniard?du?Dot Tiphaine, Guinet Christophe, Arnould John P.Y., Speakman John R., Trites Andrew W., Goldbogen Jeremy Accelerometers can measure total and activity?specific energy expenditures in free?ranging marine mammals only if linked to time?activity budgets 2017 Functional Ecology 109 Journal 31 377-386
Jeanniard?du?Dot Tiphaine, Trites Andrew W., Arnould John P. Y., Speakman John R., Guinet Christophe 2017 Ecology and Evolution 109 Journal 7 2969-2976
Around the pole: evolution of sub?Antarctic Ranunculus 2017 Journal of Biogeography 1116 Journal 44 875-886
Reproductive effort and oxidative stress: effects of offspring sex and number on the physiological state of a long?lived bird 2017 Functional Ecology 1162 Journal 31 1201-1209
Reproductive strategy as a piece of the biogeographic puzzle: a case study using Antarctic sea stars (Echinodermata, Asteroidea) 2017 Journal of Biogeography 1044 Journal 44 848-860